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Business cooperation

The party you establish business cooperation with is important

Already for decades, we are helping smaller and larger companies, not only from the field of engineering, establish business cooperation. We know that the correct choice of partner is important because it can improve or weaken your business.

We operate in two main segments

We link business partners who have what to convey to each other

How do we help you in business cooperation? Imagine that you are a Czech engineering company, which has quality technological facilities. You own CNC machines, milling machines, lathes, but your fifty employees have nothing to do at the moment. You would certainly welcome an order only that you do not have salesmen who would bring it. We shall promptly mediate work for new top‑ranking buyers primarily from Germany or other European countries.

And the opposite also applies. We seek credible suppliers for significant foreign companies, which are usually final manufacturers. We also help foreign companies enter the Czech or Slovak market if they do not want to acquire a company or establish a branch here (including search for a suitable location or first employees).

Major services

  • The linkage of Czech and foreign companies and help with establishment of business cooperation.
  • Strategic consulting during establishment of the branch in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.
  • Supplementary services (search for a location, employees, administration, translation services).

What matters to us?

  • We want you to get mutual understanding with the business partner. The quality of the contact is important.
  • We pride ourselves on the personal approach, because we know that you are unique.
  • We always seek the best possible solution for you. Our target is to help you.
  • The highest priority is your satisfaction that comes with successful business.
  • We perceive you as partners with whom we want to cooperate long-term.

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