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Corporate consulting

We shall help you find the right path

When you find yourself at a crossroads or need to make an important step, the viewpoint of experienced professionals is usually useful. We analyse your corporate situation and bring light into the situation and also help you draw it to its ultimate conclusion.

Corporate consulting for Czech and foreign companies

  • Crisis consulting. We help companies that have problems. We shall identify and analyse the causes of the crisis. We seek a suitable solution.
  • Business strategy. We shall prepare and help you realise suitable procedures, which shall help your company.
  • Optimisation of purchases. We shall identify your reserves in the purchase of raw materials, resources or materials.
  • Use of corporate systems. Are you sure that you are effectively using the programs, which you have paid for? Let’s take a look at it.
  • SAP training. We analyse and push work with SAP a fee levels higher.
  • Logistics. We shall find optimal material flows for you and identify the correct intra-company logistics paths.
  • Communication with foreign clients. Is exchange of information a problem because of the language barrier? We shall help you with it.
  • Translations and administration. We shall arrange translation and interpretation of business negotiations and other services related to the supplier-customer relations for you.

Why should we advise you?

  • We have already successfully coped with most of the situations that we solve in the past.
  • A further advantage is long-term practice and experience.
  • We are good at communication, analyses and search for solutions.
  • We pride in the human and personal approach.
  • We are capable of flexibly adapting to your requirements.

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