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Sport and engineering are linked by the hard work and the art to overcome obstacles

Why do we support you in such apparently distant areas like engineering and sport? We have penetrated into both fields in detail. Moreover, they have a lot of things in common: effort, single‑mindedness and goal-orientation are necessary pre-conditions for success in sport and engineering.

We have a weakness for athletes

The Czech Republic has a developed sports infrastructure. Our target is to mediate training stays in the Czech Republic for foreign athletes (for instance, from Germany, Austria or Switzerland). Sports clubs and individual athletes may contact us - hockey players, runners, running skiers, cyclists and others.

Why cooperate with us?

  • We mediate an opportunity for you to train at a site that makes sense.
  • We make it possible for you to improve and perfect your skills in selected sports facilities.
  • We cooperate with professionals in the field and certified trainers.
  • We are capable of organising training sessions, camps or tournaments at top level.
  • We take care not only of training, but also accommodation or the accompanying programme.

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